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Current members


Research assistants

Espérance Mukawera, DEC, Research assistant, 2009-2020

Stéfany Chartier, BSc, Research Assistant 2011-2015, Undergraduate student, 2010-2011

Annick Duval, MSc, Research Assistant 2006-2010

Post-Doctoral fellows

Quentin Osseman, PhD (France), post-doctoral fellow 2017-2022, currently scientist, private sector, Montréal

Dacquin Kasumba, PhD (Japan), post-doctoral fellow 2018-2019, currently scientist, RDC

Pablo Godoy, PhD (Canada), post-doctoral fellow 2016, Currently Assistant Professor Université de Montréal

Nicolas Zucchini, PhD (France), Post-doctoral fellow 2011-2013 funded by FRSQ/INSERM, Currently BD Biosciences scientist, France

Virginie Williams, PhD (France), Post-doctoral fellow 2011-2013, Currently clinical research coordinator, Montréal

Yves Nzengue, PhD (France), Post-doctoral fellow (2009-2010), Currently Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Graduate students

Dufresne Stéphanie, BSc université de Montréal, MSc Biochimie UMontreal 202O-2022, funded by NSERC and FRQS

Diana Ioana Hotea, BSc université de Montréal, MSc Biochimie UMontreal 202O-2022, 

Alex Harrison, BSc University of British Columbia; MSc Microbiology and Immunology McGill 2016-2018. Currently research assistant UBC 

Alexa Robitaille, BSc  Université Laval, Québec; MSc Biochemistry UMontreal 2014-2017, funded by RSR-FRQS, CIHR, UMontreal. Currently, Microbiologist, private sector.

Sandra Cervantes Ortiz, BSc Universidad de Guadalajaja, Mexico;  MSc Microbiology-Immunology UMontreal 2015-2017, funded by MITACS and UMontreal. Currently research scientist, private sector.

Mélissa Mariani, BSc UMontreal; MSc, Biomedical Sciences  UMontreal 2014-2016. Currently, High School Professor.

Lydie Martin, BSc France; MSc France; PhD student, Biomedical Sciences UMontreal 2011-2013. Currently clinical research, France.

Karin Fink, BSc Austria; PhD, Biochemistry UMontreal 2006-2013 (includes 2 maternity leaves), funded by INSERM, FRQS, CIHR, Umontreal. Currently MD student, UMontreal.

Xiaochun Guan, BSc France; PhD Student Biochemistry UMontreal 2011-2013, funded by UMontreal

Fabrice Yoboua, BSc UOttawa; MSc Biochemistry UMontréal 2009-2012. Currently clinical Research coordinator, private sector.

Anton Soucy-Faulner, BSc coop Sherbrooke; MSc Biochemistry UMontréal 2005-2009, funded by INSERM, FRQS, Umontreal. Currently Pharmacist

Alexis Martel, BSc UMontrealMSc Biochemistry UMontréal 2007-2009, funded by FRQS, CIHR and UMontreal. Currently Pharmacist

Undergraduate interns

Ketsia Nardy, Undergrade intern 2021-2022

Srinivash Muthuraman, BSc student  India, MITACS globalinks intern 2019

Matthew Mercantonio, BSc Biochemistry UMontreal, 2019, funded by NSERC

Zayd Grajales, BSc student Mexico, MITACS globalinks intern 2018

Layla Dehbidi, BSc honor Biochemistry UMontreal; Undergraduate intern 2018

Johanna Rojas Duarte, BSc chemistry Columbia; BSc student Biochemistry Umontreal; Undergraduate intern, 2017

Alejandro Vallejo Arroyo, BSc student Mexico, MITACS Globalinks intern, 2017 

Anaïs Gélinas, BSc Microbiology Immunology Umontreal; Undergraduate intern, 2016, funded by NSERC

Cynthia Paz-Trejo, BSc Mexico, MITACS Globalinks intern 2015

Jean-Philippe Coutu, USherbrooke COOP undergraduate intern 2015

Alex Harrison, UBC COOP undergraduate intern 2015

Amira Kettou, BSc Biochemistry UMontreal; Undergraduate intern 2014

Nallely Moreno-Mendoza, BSc Mexico; MITACS Globalinks intern 2014

Mario Kalamujic, USherbrooke COOP undergraduate intern 2014

Melissa Mariani, BSc Biomedical Sciences UMontreal; undergraduate intern 2013-2014

Sandra Cervantes Ortiz, BSc Universidad de Guadalajaja, Mexico; MITACS Globalinks intern in 2013

Sophie Turcotte, BSC Biochemistry UMontreal, undergraduate intern, 2013

Nicholas Iannantuono, BSc Biochemistry, UMontreal; Undergraduateintern, 2012

Marc-André Leduc, BSc Biochemistry UMontreal; Undergraduate intern, 2010

Stefany Chartier, BSc Biochemistry UMontreal; Undergraduate intern, 2010-2011

Ilunga Benjamin Matala, BSC Honor Biochemistry UMontreal; undergraduate intern 2008-2009

Nicolas Groux, BSc France exchange student; Undergraduate intern 2007

Alexis Martel, BSc Biochemistry UMontrea; Undergraduate intern 2006-2007

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